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PlayStation Vita is still a ways from having a million seller. But it did reach a more modest landmark recently: its first 100,000 seller.

Not surprisingly, the honor of first six digit selling PlayStation Vita game goes to the game that has topped the Vita sales charts since launch, Hot Shots Golf 6. Dengeki Online, citing sales stats from its publisher ASCII Media Works, reports that Hot Shots now stands at 107,000 units sold.

Hot Shots Golf 6 has a way to go to match its console counterparts. The PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Hot Shots games were all million sellers, with the first entry selling over 1.7 million units. Hot Shots Golf 5 on PS3 saw a dip to 410,000 units.

Separate from ASCII's data, the top 50 from Media Create, our usual source for sales data, shows Hot Shots Golf 6 at rank 31 this week. Wipeout, the only new Vita retail release for the week, did not make it into the top 50.

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