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Genius Sonority Unveils 3DS RPG Denpa Ningen

Create an RPG party by pointing your 3DS at crowds.


Late last year, during a series of Tweets bemoaning the sorry state of the game industry, Genius Sonority head Manabu Yamana said that his current game was close to completion (view this story if you don't remember). We may now know what game Yamana was referring to.

Gunius Sonority announced its latest game today, Denpa Ningen RPG. Denpa Ningen (literally "electric wave person"), in the game's vernacular, are little critters which exist alongside the electric waves that float around you every day. Your goal is to use your 3DS to capture the Denpa Ningen and create a team to rescue an important person from the demon king.

View a first trailer here.

There are many types of Denpa Ningen. Some have elemental properties which can be discerned based off their color. Some have antennas, which indicate special abilities. The body size of the Denpa Ningen is related to HP, attack strength, and speed. You'll need to assemble a varied party before heading out to dungeons.

Denpa Ningen will be released via the e-Shop on February 8, priced ¥800. A demo will be released tomorrow.

Access the game's official site here. You'll find additional videos below.

Capturing Denpa Ningen

Forming a party and heading out on adventure

Facing off against monsters

Gathering treasure

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