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Capcom Celebrates Ace Attorney Movie Release With Toilet Paper


Ace Attorney hits theaters February 11. Today, Capcom detailed some collaborative products it will be releasing over the coming weeks to mark the movie's opening.

Included in the bunch is this Ace Attorney toilet paper.

Priced ¥420 per roll, the toilet paper is marked with many of Phoenix Wright's famous catch phrases, including, of course, "Objection!"

Here are some of the other items:

Taiho-kun Stuffed Mascot (¥780)

Taiho-kun Pass Case (¥750)

Character Stickers (¥450) and Taiho-kun Key Cover (¥525)

Face Towel (¥1260)

Clear Folder Set (¥525)

Rubber Key Holder (¥735)

iPhone Cover (¥1200)

Talking Pen (¥750)

Tap this pen, and it will say one of six classic Phoenix Wright phrases.

Clear Case (¥450)

Metal Charm Collection (¥420)

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