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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Guides Weigh 1.6KG, Hint at Download Content Episodes


This story has two important news bits related to the massive Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania guide books, which were released yesterday.

Most importantly, we at last have an exact weight of the guides. A blog that picked up both guides put them on some fancy European scale and got a reading of 1.621 kilograms.

The blog report also mentions a few bits from the staff interviews at the end of the books. Apparently, director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase reveal plans for character specific episodes to follow the main XIII-2 release. They refer to XIII-2 as the game's "Noel and Serah Volume." We can also expect a Lightning Volume, a Snow Volume, a Sazh Volume, and more.

These other episodes may not necessarily be download content. In the interview, Toriyama and Kitase say that they have a variety of ideas in mind, including other media such as novels. They made a similar statement in a recent Famitsu interview.

Visit the original blog post for a peak inside the guide books, which even contain specific data for Amoda, who was released as download content just yesterday.

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