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First Guild 01 Crimson Shroud Details

Yasumi Matsuno's contribution to Level-5's new 3DS game is a tactical RPG.


Correction: This story originally referred to the game as a tactical RPG. It's actually a tabletalk, or pen-and-paper, style RPG.

Level-5's Guild 01 includes four unrelated games, among them Crimson Shroud, which comes from Tactics series creator Yasumi Matsuno. In addition to being the most highly anticipated, Crimson Shroud is also the most mysterious of the four games, but Famitsu does provide a few details this week, along with first game screens.

Crimson Shroud is a tabletalk RPG, where the success of your moves is determined by dice rolls. The magazine doesn't get too specific on the battle system beyond this, but the screenshots will hopefully provide some hints (assuming Famitsu.com posts them online later in the week).

The game also has a story component. This is presented in the form of a text-style adventure.

Guild 01 is due for 3DS release this year.

We should be getting actual game screens of Crimson Shroud shortly.

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