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Legasista Meets Legend of Heroes and Class of Heroes

Screenshots of the tie-ups for Nippon Ichi's new PS3 action RPG.


Nippon Ichi has shared screens of the recently announced character crossovers it has prepared for Legasista, the new PlayStation 3 action RPG from the makers of Classic Dungeon.

As previously detailed, the game will have crossover characters from Falcom's Legend of Heroes and Acquire's Class of Heroes. Nippon Ichi is also lending its own Disgaea characters to the game.

The characters appear as edit data for the game's character edit mode. This mode allows players to create their own characters using illustrations from their PC. Following the game's release, Nippon Ichi will be opening up a site where players can exchange their creations.

The official crossover edit data will be available some time in mid March.

Tio and Misshi From Legend of Heroes

Dwarf and Felpurr From Class of Heroes

Nippon Ichi Crossover Characters

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