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Love Plus Tools Coming to 3DS February 13

Upgrade your girlfriend to full 3DS spec!


New Love Plus hits on February 14. While new digital boyfriends will be good to go with a new version of Nene, Manaka or Rinko right out of the box, DS era digital boyfriends may want to bring their old girlfriends over to the 3DS version. To aid in this, Konami will be releasing "Love Plus Tools," an ¥200 e-Shop download.

Using Love Plus Tools, you'll be able to import your DS version's data. But there's more to the app than just a little data import utility. The app also includes an AR Camera feature, which is similar to the AR camera feature of the iPhone Love Plus app. You can take AR pics of your girlfriend, arranging these in an album.

Love Plus Tools was originally set to include an "Anywhere Date Editor" feature. This has been moved into the main New Love Plus game. For details on this mode, see this story.

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