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Sneak Peek at Ragnarok Odyssey's Online Mode

Developer interview reveals online play details and mention of new title from Gamearts.

Gung-Ho posted an interview with the Ragnarok Odyssey development staff to coincide with today's release.

To commemorate today's release of Ragnarok Odyssey, Gung-Ho posted a video interview with the game's development staff. Included in the video was a first glimpse at the game's promised online play update.

Ragnarok Odyssey shipped with support for solo play and local ad-hoc play. However, a few weeks prior to release, developer Gamearts said that they were working on an online play mode, to be added to the game via a free post-release patch.

The developer interview shows how the patch adds the ability to jump to online multiplayer and ad-hoc multiplayer versions of the pub, where you meet other players. In the pub, you can see other players, engage in text chat and make use of gestures. These communication methods can also be used when questing.

The developers say that development on the online multiplayer update is progressing well. However, online player requires fine tuning, so we'll have to wait a bit more.

The interface shown in these screenshots is temporary and may be changed for the final version.

Outside of the details on online play support, the interview revealed that Gamearts is at work on a new title. No further details were shared.

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