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First Look: Crimson Shroud

Yasumi Matsuno's contribution to Level-5's Guild 01 gets its full reveal.


Level-5 has opened an official site for Cirmson Shroud, Yasumi Matsuno's contribution to 3DS game collection Guild 01.

Crimson Shroud attempts to recreate a tabletalk RPG (it's not a tactics RPG, which we mistakenly wrote earlier). You play as 20-year-old Giauque, a top class "Chaser," or a person who finds things and people as a profession.

In addition to Giauque, screenshots at the site show mysterious male and female characters. The official site speculates that they could be allies to Giauque, one possibly skilled at recovery magic via a staff and one skilled at long range attacks via bow and arrow.

While the site does not provide specifics on battle, it does share a couple of illustrations, along with more speculation. One illustration shows map parts, with the site suggesting that these could be parts used for assembling the game's dungeons. Another illustration shows objects, including treasure chests.

Screenshots of battle show Giauque and two allies facing off against a giant minotaur, moving through a dungeon, and making use of dice which can be rolled either via the touch pen or A + slide pad.

As reported earlier in the week, the game also has a drama component. This is presented in the form of a Japanese-style text adventure, with text overlayed atop backgrounds.

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