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Nippon Ichi Raises Earnings Forecasts Due to Strong Disgaea Vita Performance

Nippon Ichi's PS3 title The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers was delayed past its original Spring time frame.

Nippon Ichi announced today sharply higher earnings forecasts for the current fiscal year.

The company's previous forecasts, announced in May of last year, called for sales of 2,288 million yen, operating income of 107 million yen and net income of 59 million yen. The new forecast issued today has sales down a bit to 2,246 million yen, but operating income up to 303 million yen and net income up to 203 million yen.

As reasons for the increased earnings, the company said that Disgaea 3 Return on PlayStation Vita is selling higher than expected. Additionally, Disgaea 4 on PS3 is selling well in North America and Europe. Download content for Disgaea 4 is also doing well.

The reason the expected sales figure is lower is because games like The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers on PS3 and the North American version of Disgaea 3 Return were delayed beyond the current fiscal year to improve quality and meet consumer expectations. The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers was originally announced for Spring release, but the game's final release date, announced in January, ended up being June 28.

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