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Tales of the Heroes: Controllable Bosses and Rebirth Character Videos


Namco Bandai has previously said that Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave will put players up against boss characters from past Tales games. The latest issue of Jump reveals that the bosses are more than just foes. By clearing certain conditions, you'll be able to take control of the bosses as playable characters.

Jump also reports that the bosses can be paired up freely, just as you can the other characters. As an example of a boss, the magazine mentions Duke from Tales of Vesperia.

Joining this little bit about the bosses, Namco Bandai has released the latest character footage for the game. Tales of Rebirth's Veigue and Tytree are in the spotlight this week. View the footage below, and also be sure and visit the official site for a look at the stuffed animal helmet and tension systems.



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