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Famitsu.com has posted a few new screenshots of Tokitowa, Namco Bandai and Imageepoch's new PlayStation 3 RPG. Take a look at the pics here:

The screens were posted as part of a full transcript of an interview that appeared in Weekly Famitsu a couple of weeks back. The interview was with producer Kei Hirono, Tales series general manager Makoto Yoshizumi, and Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage.

We already shared major points from the interview, but here are some additional bits:

Yoshizumi (who doesn't seem to actually have anything to do with the game) first heard about the Tokitowa project in Fall 2011 during dinner. Hirono was scheduled to have a dinner meeting with Famitsu about the game, and was surprised to see Yoshizumi in attendance.

Mikage first brought the project to Namco Bandai two years back. This is when he'd pulled out an old idea he'd had about making an RPG showing real time animation. He believed that the PS3 could realize the vision, and went to Namco Bandai because of their record with anime-related projects.

Hirono had worked on the Macross series, and ended up speaking with Satelight about the Tokitowa project.

Yoshizumi, having seen a video of the game, said that there are no other RPGs that have such an infusion of anime elements as Tokitowa. The Tales series has anime movies used in the opening and event scenes, he noted, but Tokitowa has anime built into the gameplay systems.

The prototyping phase was unusually long for an RPG, said Mikage.

Details on the battle system are being kept under wraps right now. However, Hirono said that they're hoping to make it not feel like you're just watching an anime, so the battle system will have an action feel and will not be command type. Also, the elements of "time" are included in the battle system in some unexpected form.

Mikage described the story has having elements of serious, sexy and comical. However, overall, it has a bright touch.

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