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Binary Domain now has a demo available for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Of course this means it's time for another one of those in-depth multiplatform comparison features from Game wa Kimama ni.

Here are a few comparison shots from the article.

Close up, you can see some of the aliasing differences.

The blog speculates that while the resolution appears to be the same, the 360 version appears to use 4xMSAA while the PS3 uses MLAA. If it is indeed MLAA, this may be the first time a Japanese-made game uses MLAA.

The PS3 version apparently has some trouble with framerate. During cut scenes, the 360 version stayed at a constant 30 while the PS3 averaged 29.008, going between 25 and 30.5. During gameplay, the 360 version was 29.251fps average (24 to 30fps) with 0.183% tearing. The PS3 version averaged 26.698fps (18.5 to 30.5fps) with 0 tearing. The blog writer says that he's surprised by the framerate result given the experience the Yakuza team has with the PS3.

Access the original blog post for more screens and a framerate comparison video.

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