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Final Fantasy XIII-2's To Be Continued Explained

Plus, the usual empty comment about Final Fantasy X.

Lighthing appears in Final Fantasy XIII-2's Coliseum mode through upcoming download content.

Spoiler alert! Final Fantasy XIII-2 ends with the message "To Be Continued." Is this a hint at a Final Fantasy XIII-3?

Director Motomu Toriyama was asked about the meaning of the statement during a group interview session following a FFXIII-2 stage event at the Taipei Game Show 2012 event yesterday. The game had just seen the release of its Chinese language version on January 31.

According to Impress Watch, Toriyama explained that there are a number of reasons they displayed the message at the end of the game. One is that the game has a number of Paradox Endings hidden away, and they want players to first look for all these endings. Another reason is that FFXIII-2's world will be extended through download content, meaning players can expect a long play experience. They plan on continually releasing download content, said Toriyama.

Toriyama also responded to a question about what's next following XIII-2. He repeated that for XIII-2, download content is continuing to be developed, so until the download content ends he hopes to continue working on the game. He noted that Lightning and Amodar are being added to the game's Coliseum Battle mode in upcoming DLC. Separate from this, they're also preparing a large Lightning Episode.

This comment about a large Lightning Episode echoes statements Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase have made in interviews with the Japanese media. In Famitsu and the recent XIII-2 Ultimania guide, they hinted that the game would also see episodes for Snow and Sazh, although they did not specifically say that these would be download content, and even mentioned the possibilites of novels and other media.

Visit Impress Watch for a look at the stage event and interview session. Toriyama, 1st production department corporate executive (and Twitter updater) Shinji Hashimoto and art director Isamu Kamikokuryo also held a signing event.

During the stage event, Hashimoto was asked by a female fan if Square Enix will release a Chinese language version of the PlayStation Vita version of Final Fantasy X. Hashimoto would only respond that if players support XIII-2, SCE Asia's staff will likely get the message.

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