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Square Enix 1st Production Dept. Says "X is Next"

(Actually, it doesn't, but there's some neat art in here anyway.)


Update: The message at the Square Enix Twitter actually just appears to be the start of a countdown for Theatrhythm's release, which is in ten days. We'll probably be getting IX, VIII and so-forth leading up to release on the 16th. There's still some stuff about the X remaster from the Taipei Game Show below though, so keep reading...

A slightly cryptic message from the official Twitter of Square Enix's 1st Production Department, the division that's responsible for all the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games.

It says "Next is X" or "X is Next" or "Next, X" or something to that effect.

They even put it in their Avatar image.

Assuming this is a reference to Final Fantasy X, perhaps we can take it to mean that the Vita and PS3 remasters will finally be getting some real PR over the coming weeks.

Since its announcement just ahead of the Tokyo Game Show last September, FFX HD has been brought up in passing during interviews, but Square Enix has not yet shared details or screens for the game.

During the weekend's Taipei Game Show, 1st Production Department producer Shinji Hashimoto was asked by local media if FFX is a remake or a remaster. He responded that it is the latter. "Remaster" refers to HD updates like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus rather than full remakes.

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