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PlayStation Vita 1.6 Update Adds Video, Map and Mac Support


Sony will be giving PlayStation Vita its first major firmware update on February 8. The system's version 1.6 update adds two major features.

Your Home screen will now have a Map app. Open this up, and you'll be able to see your positional information on a map. The map can be viewed with satellite imagery turned on and off. You can also search for walking and driving directions and view details about your current location.

The system's photo app will be updated with the ability to take videos. The app is currently limited to static photos.

As a smaller change, the Home button will now flash blue when you have the Vita hooked up to power.

Separate from the system's firmware, Sony will release a MAC OS version of its Content Management Assistant for PlayStation program. Since the Vita's launch, this has been available only for Windows. The program is required for transferring data between your Vita and computer.

This update will also reflect Sony's previously announced naming change from "PlayStation Network Account" to "Sony Entertainment Network Account." This is just a name change. There's no difference in the service features.

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