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PS3 Gal Gun Valentines Demo Hits Next Week

Plus the latest trailer, maid cafe tie-ups, events, and more!


In Japan, girls give chocolates to guys on Valentines Day. This year, you can give something back to the girls: a blast from your pheromone gun!

Alchemist is readying a "Valentines Day Demo" for Gal Gun. This will be released on February 14 alongside some custom themes. The demo will allow you to sample the story mode, and some sections of PS3 exclusive Doki Doki Carnival and Score Attack modes.

The following day, Alchemist will release a Flash game at the official site. Details on the Flash game have not been announced, but it does appear to have something to do with bikinis.

Alchemist and Inti Creats have a number of events planned for the game leading up to release. Included are:

  • Starting February 16, a tie-up with two maid cafes in Akihabara.
  • On February 17, a 24 hour live broadcast event on Nico Nico Video.
  • Gal Gun will have a tournament, mini live, and talk session at Inti Creates Fan Festa 2012, which is being held at Akiba Studio Rocket at 18:00 on February 22.

View the latest promotional video for the game here:

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