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PlayStation Vita Legend of Heroes Detailed

More than just full voice for the Vita update!

From the PSP version.

First details on the PlayStation Vita version of Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki have surfaced through this week's Dengeki PlayStation.

While the game was originally announced under the placeholder name of "Full Voice Version," the final name is Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution.

There's more to the game than just full voice. The Vita version adds mini games, and ups the visual presentation. Visual changes include animated character shots during conversation scenes, and improved water, shadow and depth-of-field effects.

The added voice does seem to be a substantial component of Evolution. Over 150 characters have voices now. Lloyd alone takes up 1,200 pages of dialogue. An interview in the magazine reveals that recording may take up to two months.

Other new features include a brand new opening and new music arrangements.

As previously hinted, the game is being developed by Pyramid. Falcom previously announced a 2012 time frame for release, but Dengeki updates this to Summer.

Falcom is holding a press conference for the game on the 9th. We should get additional details then.

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