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CyberFront Brings Xbox 360 Strike Witches Shooter to PSP


CyberFront will be releasing a PlayStation Portable version of Strike Witches Shirogane no Tsubasa, a side scrolling shooter that was released on Xbox 360 in July 2010.

The 360 version of Strike Witches Shirogane no Tsubasa was developed by Guilt, makers of Mamoru Kun and Zero Day Attack on Earth. The game is part of a larger mixed media project htat also includes an anime, manga, and various other games.

From the Xbox 360 version.
From the Xbox 360 version.

Dengeki PlayStation has first details on the PSP version this week. The magazine reports that the PSP version will include all the Xbox 360 version's download content. CyberFront will also release a limited edition which comes with a Nendoroid figure of the Lynette character in a bathing suit.

Here's a gameplay video of the Xbox 360 version.

Correction: We got our 3s and Ps mixed up earlier. This port is for PSP, not PS3.

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