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Metal Gear Solid HD Vita Has Rear Touch Pad Controls

Kojima shares a few screens of the Vita version.


I imagine Hideo Kojima has figured out that people freak out when he shares shots of Metal Gear Solid HD running on PlayStation Vita. So, here are two more shots of Metal Gear Solid HD running on PlayStation Vita.

As with yesterday's update, Kojima shared the pic as part of a notice about ongoing re-recording work that he and the Kojima Productions sound team are doing for the Vita version. Today's recording session was with Ginga Banjou, voice of Liquid Snake and Zero/David Oh.

Kojima describes the recording process as difficult because the Vita has many new controls. For example, Zero has to say "If you flick the rear touch pad, you can slice the enemy's throat." (This appears to be our first mention of rear touch controls for the game.)

In first person mode, you can pinch out left and right to stretch (I'm not sure what Kojima means by "stretch," but if you're familiar with MGS you may be able to figure out what he means).

Yesterday's recording session included Sigint voice actor Keiji Fujiwara and Snake voice actor Akio Otsuka. Kojima shared this pic of Otsuka, saying "Of course he's cool. It's because he's a real man. Snake is made 70% of Otsuka."

Otsuka later pleaded with Kojima to stop, saying that he was getting embarrassed.

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