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Next Next Legend of Heroes "Kiseki" Game In the Works

Plus, a few additional details on the Vita version of Zero no Kiseki.


Big news from Dengeki PlayStation this week. It appears that the next next Kiseki game is in the works. That's right, not the "next" Kiseki game, but the "next next" one.

The "next" game in the Kiseki branch of the Legend of Heroes franchise was previously announced as Nayuta no Kiseki. This is in development for PSP.

In Dengeki this week, Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo said that Nayuta no Kiseki is taking shape. However, the next Kiseki game is also starting up, he said.

The inverview with Kondo was part of a feature on the PlayStation Vita version of Zero no Kiseki, which is now fully known as Legend of Heroes Zero No Kiseki Evolution. Chara-ani producer Tadakazu Hiraga and Pyramid CEO Ken Nakano also sat in on the interview.

Kondo explained why Pyramid was tapped for the Evolution's development. Apparently, he's known the folks at Pyramid for some time, and he was also given a chance to see some of their research and development work. While there was the option of Falcom developing the game for themselves, farming it out allowed them work on Nayuta no Kiseki and other new titles. Kondo assured that he's supervising the game and checking over the data.

Chara-ani is managing the project. They're the planner and producer of the game, explained Hiraga. Chara-ani will also be distributing. (Sokuho@Hokanko, which summarized the Falcom interview, says that Kadokawa Games is publishing.)

We already detailed some of the new features that are going into the Vita version, including the massive amount of new voice, the updated visual presentation, the new opening movie, and the music arrangements from Falcom. The game will also have new sub quests.

Other Vita specific features include Vita-like controls and Trophy support. The Vita-like controls are just for mini games at present. Nakano specifically mentioned things like gyro controls and rear touch controls.

Outside of the Zero no Kiseki conversion, Hiraga said that he'd like to do a conversion of Ao no Kiseki as well. Nakano agreed that if given the chance he'd like to work on a sequel. Kondo said that Nayuta no Kiseki is coming to PSP, but for plans beyond this, they're currently undergoing discussions.

Zero no Kiseki Evolution will be released in the Summer, priced ¥6,090.

[Via Sokuho]

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