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Sony's PlayMemories Service Gives Five Gigabytes of Cloud Storage


Sony shared some specifics today on its upcoming PlayMemories service.

As previously announced, PlayMemories is a service for managing your media through your PlayStation 3, smart phone, tablet and other devices. The service consists of a Cloud storage service called PlayMemories Online, and three applications, PlayMemories Home, PlayMemories Studio and Play Memories Mobile.

Content that's uploaded to the PlayMemories Online cloud service can be viewed from your PC, smartphone, tablet and other devices. Sony said today that users will get five gigabytes of free storage on the service. PlayMemories Online goes live in the Spring.

PlayMemories Studio is a program for your PlayStation 3. Through this program, you can manage and edit the photos and movies on your camera or external hard drive. Sony has not announced the price for Studio. However, it will be offered with a free 30 day trial period. A release is planned for Spring.

The other two applications, Home and Mobile, are free media management apps. Home is a PC program that's included with Sony still and video cameras. Mobile can be downloaded to your iOS and Android phones.

Sony will be showing off PlayMemories at the CP+ camera event, which is being held from the 9th through the 12th at Pacifico Yokohama.

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