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Famitsu.com has posted pics of the Rune Factory 4 bosses who turn into marriage candidates when you defeat them.

As detailed earlier, some bosses transform into humans after being defeated. They'll become bride or groom candidates depending on your character's gender.

Famitsu introduces two examples, Kohaku and Dilas. Just because they're monsters doesn't mean they escape the RPG cliches. Kohaku (voiced by Satomi Sato) is bright, cheery and doesn't know much about the world. She transforms from the butterfly-like Ambrosia. Dilas (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita) is the quiet type, and his lack of words sometimes leads to misunderstandings. He transforms from the horse-like Raiden.

In the shot of Kohaku and Dilas, Kohaku doesn't seem to be too interested in speaking with Dilas.

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