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Namco Bandai Planning Unified Member Service

Company planning major online push in the coming years.


Namco Bandai will be starting a Namco Bandai ID membership service in the coming year, Nikkei reports today. The service will be shared by all Namco Bandai group companies, covering everything from toys to games to video streaming.

Currently, the Namco Bandai group companies have over fifty unique membership services. These include the Bandai Channel video streaming site, and the Premium Bandai toy and goods sales site. The various services will be unified under the single Namco Bandai ID membership, which will be run by Namco Bandai Games.

Those with a Namco Bandai ID will be able to access member content and make purchases at the various Namco Bandai sites and services without having to reenter their data or billing info. Namco Bandai believes that through this unification, it will be able to increase sales, as it will be easy, for instance, for someone who buys a Gundam toy to purchase a related game. Namco Bandai will have a program in place that offers exclusive goods to frequent buyers.

Specifically related to games, Namco Bandai plans on incorporating the ID into its download content offerings. Those with an ID will be offered free items.

Namco Bandai hopes to have 10 million Namco Bandai ID members by the end of the next fiscal term, and over 30 million within three years.

Nikkei's report suggests that the start of the Namco Bandai ID program is part of a larger networking push by the company, both in and out of Japan. In Japan, the company hopes to push item-transaction based games using game machines that are connected to the internet. In Hong Kong and Singapore, it plans on selling toys via the internet, with plans to unify product and promotions for figures and models across Japan and Asia.

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