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Namco Bandai Raises Forecasts Following Strong Tales and Gundam Performance

Namco Bandai will be updating Gundam Extreme VS in arcades this April.

As part of its quarterly earnings report today, Namco Bandai announced increased earnings forecasts for the current fiscal year ending in March.

The company expects sales to reach 440,000 million yen, up from the previously announced 420,000 million yen. It expects operating income to reach 31,500 million yen, up from the previously forecast 25,000 million yen.

As reason for the improved performance, the company cited high popularity for games like Tales of Xillia and Gundam Extreme VS., and strong performance for the Gundam series in the social games market. The company's toy division also saw strong performance from Kamen Rider and other lines.

For the first three quarters of the year (April 1 through December 31, 2011), the company saw sales of 323,397 million yen, up from the 288,030 million yen of the prior year. Operating income surged to 30,783 million yen from last year's 16,616 million yen.

Tales of Xillia (Japan only) was the top Namco Bandai game for the first three quarters, with over 760,000 unit sales. Gundam Extreme VS. (Japan only) came in second with 550,000 units. These were followed by Ben 10 Racing (US/Europe) with 440,000 units, AKB1/48 If I Loved an Idol in Guam (Japan only) with 410,000 units, and One Piece Gigant Batlte 2 (Japan only) with 350,000 units.

PS3 and PSP were the company's biggest platforms. PS3 had unit sales of 3,928,000 units across 14 releases. PSP had 2,804,000 unit sales across 15 releases. Following these were Nintendo DS (2,151,000 units across 14 releases), Wii (1,704,000 across 7 releases), Xbox 360 (1,539,000 units across 14 releases) and 3DS (1,271,000 units across 9 releases).

View Namco Bandai's full earnings report here (PDF, English). For a look at the company's mid term plan, click here (PDF, English).

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