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Guild 01's Liberation Girl Detailed

Take control of Japan's schoolgirl president in Suda 51's new shooter.


Level-5 appears to be going game-by-game in sharing new details about its upcoming 3DS game collection Guild 01. Following last week's look at Crimson Shroud, an RPG from Tactics series creator Yasumi Matsuno, this week we have a look at Liberation Girl (in Japanes,e Kaihou Shojo), a shooter from Grasshopper Manufacturer's Suda 51.

We actually heard a lot about Liberation Girl at Guild 01's unveiling last year. Players take control of Shoko, a high school girl who also happens to be president of Japan. Shoko boards her Liberation Machine "Kamui" to free Japan from an occupying nation.

Shoko is not alone in her fight. Aiding her as operator is Saizou Kira, the former top assistant to Shoko's dad, the president before Shoko. Following Shoko's father's death, Saizou became Shoko's assistant. During combat, Saizou lends support from the mother ship.

Shoko's mysterious Kamui mech is 11 meters tall and has the ability to transform between flying and robot forms. The machine will only execute attacks if Shoko is pilot.

Among the Kamui's capabilities are:

Shield Bullet

An energy field that surrounds the Kamui. It can be used as bullets for attacks and as a shield for defense.

Bomb Attack

The primary weapon on the Kamui. It can send out a lock-on attack and a laser. As you execute consecutive strikes on your foes, its strength and frequency increase.

Special Attack One: Tokkou

This special attack is for use against large enemies. You enter a special attack mode which requires that you slide the touch pen on the lower screen.

Special Attack Two: Katana

This attack can strike all enemies in a wide range. You have to build up your katana gauge in order to use it.

Liberation Girl has the backing of some major names. In addition to Suda 51, who's serving as director, the game has animation from bones, character designs from Yusuke Kozaki (No More Heroes), mechanical design direction from Shigeto Koyama (Heroman), and ship design by Mahiro Maeda.

Level-5 also released screens from Crimson Shroud today. These were posted to Famitsu.com last week, but now you can see them without watermarks. Look below.

Details on the other two games in Guild 01, Airporter (from Seaman's Yoot Saito) and Rental Weapon Shop will presumably follow in the coming weeks.

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