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Gravity Daze has paid DLC; director wants to make a sequel


Keiichiro Toyama says at Twitter that he has trouble sleeping around the release of his latest games. The same goes for Toyama's newest creation, Gravity Daze, which was released on the 9th.

Instead of sleeping, Toyama's been Tweeting heavily over the past couple of days, and he did manage to share a few interesting bits about his first Vita game.

Toyama revealed that game will get paid download content at some point. While we'll have to wait for details, Toyama said that he hopes to make it so that the pricing isn't too high.

Toyama also responded to a question about a sequel. A follower asked what he'd say if Sony were to tell him that he could either make a sequel or a new title. Toyama responded that he'd really like to continue the game with the same staff.

Separately from Toyama's Twitter updates, the game's producer, who goes by the name misonem on Twitter, snapped a pic of a Gravity Daze commercial being broadcast on Shinjuku's Yunika Vision monitor.

Misonem also recently shared a pic of a promotional cosplayer for the game's main character Kat, and a pic of the Gravity Daze staff dining with Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.

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