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First Look: Strike Witches PSP

Xbox 360 shooter shrunk down for the small screen.


Kadokawa Games has opened an official site for the PSP version of Strike Witches. Get your first look at the PSP port of the Xbox 360 shooter here:

As previously detailed, the PSP version includes all the scenarios, characters and the time attack mode that were added to the Xbox 360 version as paid download content.

You'll find the following modes of play:

Story Mode
An original story, told with full voice, that covers the time between the first and second anime series.
Arcade Mode
Freely form a battalion of three witches from a total of 13.
Time Attack Mode
See how quickly you can defeat all the bosses.
Practice Mode
Select a witch and stage for practice. Each witch plays differently.
Base Mode
View the game's visuals, listen to the music, and enjoy post ending content. This mode is updated with additional stuff as you work through the game.

The PSP version will be rereleased on June 28, priced ¥6,279 in standard form and ¥10,479 as a limited edition. The limited edition includes a Nendoroid figure.

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