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Life With Ion, Surge Concerto's Other Dimensional Heroine


Ion, the heroine of Gust's PlayStation Vita "life simulation" game Surge Concerto, lives in a different dimension. Your Vita screen lets you peer into her room. Your goal: enter Ion's psychological world, Ciel nosurge, and help her recover her lost memories.

Although a candidate for the next emperor, Ion lives on her own (the reason for this will apparently be revealed as you play). She appears to have a pretty standard 24-hour day-night cycle, consisting of cooking, eating, sleeping and so-forth.

This screen shows options for "Symphorhythm," "What she's doing now" and "Happy Things Memo" (I'm not sure if this is things that Ion says made her happy, or if it's things that the player records). The lower left shows a "Love Love Level" parameter, presumably indicating how much Ion cares for you.

Here's Ion waking up, preparing her dinner, and attempting to make something. Ion loves making things.

Ion will make adjustments to her life based off your interactions. You can set a time in advance, and she'll join you for dinner. You can also head off on dates and events. Ion's life rhythm will come to match yours as you play the game.

Below, we see Ion heading off to the beach with the player. Events will be added to the game via download content.

The world of Surge Concerto is meant to give Japanese players a feeling of nostalgia, with Showa era townscapes like the general store, Ruru, shown below.

Gust has not announced how Surge Concerto will be distributed, but there have been various reports from retailers that it will be sold as a retail package followed by monthly download scenarios. The game is due for release on April 26, so we should get official details soon, along with additional glimpses into Ion's life.

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