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Sega shows new rhythm game, updated Shining and Border Break, and Fantasy Zone Medal at AOU


Sega has its usual mix of new games, updates to older titles, and medal and prize games for this year's AOU Amusement Expo, which will be held on the 17th and 18th at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba. Here's what's new from the company's video game offerings.


Sega's new rhythm game Maimai makes use of buttons and touch panels and has social media in mind, with a video camera capturing and uploading your play to video sites. Access the game's official site here. You'll find a bunch of play videos here. A release is planned for July.

Shining Force Cross Illusion

The next entry in Sega's Shining Force Cross series, this Ringedge based title offers simultaneous play for up to eight, with free-in and out support. The game also adds a class/job system. An arcade release is planned for March.

Border Break Air Burst Ver.2.7

The latest version of Sega's 20 player Ringedge arcade mech game, which was first released in September 2009. This update adds a new customization component called the Chip System, through which players can develop and equip chips that add new functionality to their mechs. An arcade release is planned for late February.

Sengoku Taisen 15XX Gokishichidou no Yuu

This update to Sega's Sengoku themed arcade card game has new cards and skills and is due for release on February 23.

Undernight Inbirth

The latest fighter from the developers of Melty Blood runs on Ringedge and is due for arcade release in 2012.

Gesen Love

Gesen Love, or Game Center Love, is a mini game collection from Triangle Service. It includes three games: Action Skill Test, Shooting Skill Test, and Combatzeal. Each of these has you play multiple games to test your gamer skills. A release is planned for 2012.

In Sega's medal game lineup, attendees can look forward to a glimpse at the kids-oriented Medal de Fantasy Zone, which sees release later this month.

Sega will also be showing off Toylets, which is already available in bathrooms nationwide.

For more of Sega's medal and prize lineup, along with a stage lineup, see the company's full AOU page.

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