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4Gamer Spots Real Couple at New Love Plus Launch Event


4Gamer sent its Love Plus specialists to Akihabara to cover the New Love Plus launch festivities. They found a dinosaur of male-female relationships: an actual couple.

It's unclear if the couple was planning on attending the launch event, or if they were just walking around together... an activity no longer limited to real couples thanks to New Love Plus's Anywhere Date system.

The launch event was held outside the giant Akiba Yodobashi Camera. Despite the five degree cold and light rain, a crowd gathered at 10:00 in the morning to see producer Akari Uchida and character designer Mino Taro speak.

Konami decked out Akihabara in New Love Plus, with billboards in the train station and girls handing out AR chocolates (containing real chocolates and Valentines Day AR cards for the game) to pedestrians. See 4Gamer for pics.

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