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Tokyo Jungle Nearly Complete

Sony already has internal release date for the unique PS3 title.


Sony's Tokyo Jungle may at long last be ready for release. As evidence, we turn to a Valentine's Day gift that made its way to the game's developer, Crispy's.

Yohei Kataoka, the game's director, posted an image of the gift to Twitter today. The gift was sent from Sony Computer Entertainment's Yuna Ikeda, who's working on the game's promotions. Because the Crispy's staff is all male, receiving a Valentine's Day gift, and an wild animal-themed one at that, apparently caused the tension in the office to rise.

The evidence that the game is nearing completion is in Ikeda's message. "One year has passed, and we've reached this day again," writes Ikeda. "Different from last year, the release date has been finalized, and all that's left is to push through to the end. I believe you're near master up (although I don't think everything is done yet.)"

It looks like Tokyo Jungle's release date has been finalized internally, and the game will be going gold soon. This hopefully means Crispy's won't be getting another Valentine's Day gift box from Ikeda next year.

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