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More Final Fantasy XIII-2 Download Content Details

Sazh has wandered into Xanadu and wants to try out some new table games.

Serah's pink swimwear will be available later this month.

A few additional bits on Final Fantasy XIII-2's upcoming download content have surfaced from Famitsu and Sokuho.

As detailed earlier, the game will see new costumes for Noel and Serah in late February, priced ¥300/240MSP. Serah's costume is the pink "Resort Style" swimsuit outfit that was previously shown. Noel's is "Jikuu no Shugosha" (maybe... "Protector of Time and Space"), a black colored suit that is given to time traveling warriors from Etro.

Famitsu gives a more specific February 28 date to Sazh's download content, which is priced ¥600/400MSP. Sazh's DLC is called "Omote ka Ura ka" (maybe... "Front or Back") and involves Sazh somehow ending up in Xanadu, where he decides to try out two new table games.

Those two games are also part of the DLC One is called Chrono Bind and is played on a table that has a clock face on its top. Read Sokuho's writeup for specifics about the game (which, like most card games, is probably easier to understand by just playing it).

The second table game will be detailed in the next issue of the magazine.

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