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Fire Emblem Awakening: Your My Unit Has Amnesia

Latest on the 3DS Fire Emblem game.


Jump said last week that the meeting between Fire Emblem Awakening main character Krom and the My Unit character you create via the game's character creation tool would be a major part of the game's story. Famitsu (via Sokuho) details how this meeting comes about.

Your character starts off with a case of amnesia. When you come to, you find Krom and his sister Rizu beside you. For some reason you know Krom's name. After showing off your command capabilities to the two, you end up traveling with their vigilante force.

As detailed last week, Krom is Prince in the Kingdom of Iris. He's also head of the vigilante force. In battle, he is of the Lord class. Rizu is Krom's younger sister, and also a member of the vigilante force. She knows little of the world, has a selfish side, but is kind. In battle, she is of the Sister class.

Famitsu also provides lots of gameplay details. We shared much of the information in previous articles, but here's a summary:

Dual System
A new system where entering battle while next to an ally unit will give you a support effect that raises your abilities. The ally unit will also take part in the battle scene as a Support Unit and will perform Dual Attack and Dual Guard moves.
The game has Normal, Hard and Lunatic difficulty settings. You can select between Casual Style, which allows for saving anywhere and does away with permadeath or Classic Style, which has permadeath (permadeath means that once an ally dies during play, it never returns).
Free Map
You're free to move to places you've previously visited. On the free map, you'll encounter merchants, which will sell you powerful weapons and valuable items. The map also has random enemy appearances. You can select to fight or refuse.

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