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Sony Celebrates Journey Release With Low Priced Flower and Flow


Sony will be commemorating the Japanese release of Journey with a promotion involving thatgamecompany's previous two games, Flow and Flower (or Flowery as it's known in Japanese). The two games will be combined in the single "Zen Pack" for a limited time. This will be priced ¥1,000, a savings over buying both games at their regular ¥800 price.

Those who buy the Zen Pack will also be given a discount on Journey. The game will be available to Zen Pack buyers for ¥1,000, down from its regular ¥1,200 price.

The Zen Pack will be available from March 1 through March 14.

Sony also opened an official site for Journey, which is known in Japan as Kaze no Tabe Bito (Travelers of the Wind). The site is currently in a teaser state, with just a single movie.

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