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Gust to Make "That" Announcement at Dengeki Games Festival


Dengeki continues to hype up its Dengeki Appreciation Festival event, which will be held on March 18 in Akihabara.

As previously reported, Gust is holding a stage event that it calls "Two Presents." So what are the two presents?

According to an update today at Dengeki Online, one of the presents is a chance to meet Ion, the main character of Gust's new PlayStation Vita life simulation game Surge Concerto. This is presumably a reference to an appearance at the event by Ion's voice actress.

As for the other present, Dengeki Online's update says it's a "big surprise." However, people with good sense should be saying to themselves, "Of course it's 'that.' Stop playing dumb, you fools." (Or something to that effect).

As a physical present, attendees will get a download code for a piece of PlayView content related to the Two Presents stage event. This will contain some exclusive information.

Gust announced Atelier Meruru at last year's Dengeki event. It's widely expected that we'll get another Atelier series announcement at this year's event.

Meet Ion (or her voice actress, at least) in Akihabara on March 18.

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