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Grasshopper Manufacture / Game Campus Festa PlayStation Vita Student Projects


Late last year, Grasshopper Manufacture announced that it was teaming up with a number of game development schools in Japan for the Game Campus Festa program. Grashopper would supply the schools with PlayStation Vita development kits, and teams at the school would make games for the system. All of this would be coordinated on Sony's then newly opened Play Commu community site.

Today, Grasshopper provided a first look at the the student projects. These projects will be judged by Grasshopper, and some may end up being distributed to the masses via PSN.

You'll find textual details about the game at the program's Play Commu space. (To enter the site, you need to confirm that you're 18 and up. Click the left button if you are). If I get a chance, I'll add some details below later in the day.

Sweet Run

The Chronicles of Light

Nemesu: Terura no Saraware Oujo

Mou Sousuru Shika Nai!!


Uni Uni Union



Stella: Hoshi wo Mawaru Yuusha

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