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Final Fantasy XIII-2 February Download Content Screens


Square Enix has provided official media for the Final Fantasy XIII-2 download content that was detailed earlier in the week in Famitsu. Take a look at resort style Serah, protector of space and time Noel, and Sazh's new table games below.

For textual details on the DLC, see this story.

Beachwear (Serah)

Due on February 21, priced ¥300/240MSP. (This is known as Resort Style in the Japanese version.)

Spacetime Guardian (Noel)

Due on February 21, priced ¥300/240MSP.

Heads or Tails (Sazh Scenario)

Due on February 28, priced ¥600/400MSP. You can access this by selecting Xanadu Year XXX from the Historiacrux. The scenario includes two new card games, 'Chronobind' and 'Serendipity Poker.' Complete the episode, and Sazh can join your party.

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