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Enterbrain and Famitsu have released the January edition of their monthly revenue chart. Different from their monthly top ten software sales chart, this chart lists which publisher took the highest share of game sales revenue for the month.

For January, which covers December 26 through January 29, Nintendo was the top publisher, accounting for 23.6% of game revenue. Namco Bandai followed at 18%, with Capcom in third with 10.9%, Square Enix in fourth with 6.9% and Konami in fifth with 6.2%.

Six to ten were Tecmo Koei, From Software, Level-5, Sega and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, in that order.

While Nintendo did release one game over the period, Spirit Camera, its success was mostly due to its big year end hits. Mario Kart 7 was the biggest seller for the month with 389,000 units. Super Mario 3D Land sold 299,000 units. Nintendo has topped the monthly revenue charts three months in a row now.

Namco Bandai took second for the second month in a row. It grabbed 24 spots in the top 100 for the month.

Graph from Famitsu.com

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