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Asura's Wrath is the first Capcom game to get a special menu at the Capcom Bar following the Bar's opening a few weeks back. Starting February 23, Capcom Bar will serve two Asura's Wrath themed menu items.

First up is this ¥880 Asura's Red Curry item (there's a pun in the Japanese name, by the way). You can select between three levels of spiciness (although ten years of eating curry in Japan tells me that none of them are particularly spicy).

Next, we have this ¥600 Asura's Anger Drink (again, a pun that is invisible in English). This mixed drink has vodka and tomato juice.

If you pick up Asura's Wrath on launch day (2/23), bring it in to Capcom Bar and you'll get a free plate of the curry.

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