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D3's Stupid Game About Being Locked Away With Little Girls: Bonus Bikini Pics


A couple of weeks back, D3 announced that buyers of the first print run of If I Were in a Sealed Room With a Girl I'd Probably XXX would receive a special download game called "If Kokoro Changed Into a Swimsuit."

Here's a preview of Kokoro changing into a swimsuit:

This download game, which won't be sold elsewhere, has a story. Just ahead of the start of summer vacation, Kokoro has bought new swimwear and can't wait for a trip to the pool, so she's trying it on in her room. Kouhei (that's you) pays a visit, and suddenly falls asleep. This takes him to the dream world where he finds himself locked away with girls as a cute little fairy capable of flying around and viewing them from all sorts of angles. In this case, he's locked away with Kokoro as she tries on her new swimwear.

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