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Retailers Report Official Sony Cash Back Campaign For PlayStation Vita

Buy a 3G model and game, and get a cool 2000 back.


Earlier this week, Amazon Japan started a campaign which gave a ¥2000 discount to those who bought a PlayStation Vita 3G model along with at least one game. The campaign started on February 15 and will run through March 31.

While Amazon and other retailers often run such bundle campaigns, it turns out that this may actually be an official Sony campaign. Multiple smaller retailers have reported that Sony has given them instructions to begin the same campaign on the 23rd (yes, there seems to be some annoyance that Amazon gets to start it earlier).

It's unclear if Sony will give publicity to the campaign, with an official name and campaign website, or if the campaign will be handled by retailers themselves. We should find out next week when the campaign expands to all retailers.

It's worth noting that the campaign only applies to the 3G model. Amazon is still offering this as the first run limited edition, which includes a pre-paid 3G usage card. The system's MSRP is ¥29,980, but Amazon discounts it to ¥26,707. (Amazon offers similar discounts on most systems, although the percentage varies.)

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