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Seaman Coming to 3DS -- Nikkei

Nintendo planning on reviving other company's titles on 3DS. Plus, what were Miyamoto and Iwata eating when they came up with the DS?


The classic Dreamcast virtual pet sim Seaman will be revived on the 3DS, according to a report at the online edition of Nikkei.

In a feature about Nintendo, Nikkei mentions a plan from the company to revive other publisher's titles on the 3DS as part of a strategy to bring new strong titles to the system. The paper mentions Seaman as an example of this, but does not provide specifics.

Seaman creator Yoot Saito, who's currently making one of the four games in Level-5's Guild 01 on 3DS, hinted back in June 2010 that Seaman could appear on 3DS.

Released by Sega in 1999, Seaman caused a sensation throughout Japan and became one of the Dreamcast's best selling games.

Nikkei's mention of Seaman came as part of a general report about Nintendo's earnings and future prospects.

The report also has a look at the construction grounds of Nintendo's new development studio, which is scheduled to open at the end of December 2013. Construction is taking place on the land of a former golf practice grounds. Iwata was a regular at an Italian restaurant on the second floor of the facility, and his companion was always Shigeru Miyamoto. According to Nikkei, it's at this restaurant that the two finalized the concept for the Nintendo DS.

This picture from Nikkei shows the lot for Nintendo's new development studio. The main Nintendo HQ is in the background.

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