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More Mysterious Asura's Wrath Download Content Teases


Capcom and CyberConnect2 still haven't explained that Asura's Wrath download content screenshot showing a guest appearance by Street Fighter's Ryu. Instead of an explanation, today we got a glimpse at another form of mysterious Asura's Wrath download content.

The download content is titled "Chapter 11.5" and "Chapter 15.5." Along with the two screens you see below, Capcom provided some hints as to the nature of the DLC. Apparently, Studio 4C has created additional animation sequences which provide more details on the game's story. The player has some control over these parts, as indicated by the prompts in one of the screens.

As with the Ryu content, we're going to have to wait for details on what exactly this new DLC is, and when we'll get to watch or play it.

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