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Etrian Odyssey IV Set for 3DS

New entry in dungeon RPG series will be released in July.


One of the first games Atlus announced for the 3DS was a new entry in the Etrian Odyssey dungeon RPG series. The new game at last gets its reveal in Famitsu this week as Etrian Odyssey IV. The game's full name is, in Japanese, Sekaiju no Meikyuu IV: Densetsu no Kyojin.

Sinobi's report from an early copy of Famitsu reveals that the game's staff includes Daisuke Kaneda as director, Nizou Yamamoto as background artist, Shin Nagasawa on monster design, Yuji Himukai as character designer and Yuzo Koshiro on sound.

The magazine introduces seven jobs, including sword man, medic, dancer, and sniper. This may be just a sampling of the total job list, though.

The game will add a difficulty setting in order to appeal to newcomers. Joining the standard Normal difficulty, players will be able to select a casual mode. The difficulty can be changed at any point during play.

Etrian Odyssey IV will be released on July 5, priced ¥6,279. An official site for the game will open at sq4.atlusnet.jp later this week.

Screenshots from Etrian Odyssey III on DS. That game had a sea-going theme.

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