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Nintendo Direct 02.22 Live Blog

CEO Satoru Iwata will be detailing the upcoming 3DS and Wii lineup.

Iwata at the December Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Nintendo is holding the third installment in its Nintendo Direct broadcast series tonight at 20:00. As with the previous two installments, CEO Satoru Iwata will be detailing the upcoming lineup of Wii and 3DS product.

You can view the broadcast at Ustream, Nico Nico Video or at the Nintendo Direct official site. We'll also be live blogging the major happenings here.

The broadcast begins at 20:00 JST and runs through 20:54. The main presentation will be followed by video clips running through 21:37. (If you're wondering how Nintendo can be so precise, it's because the presentation was pre-recorded).

Until the start time, familiarize yourself with the current 3DS, Wii and DS lineup via our up-to-date release calendar.


20:54: I'll stop the live blog here. Check back elsewhere on the site later today for additional updates. Also visit the Nintendo Direct site for videos later in the day.

20:53: Iwata ends his presentation. They're be continuing with lengthy videos, first the 9 minute Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer, then the Game Center CX clip which runs 32 minutes.

20:53: We'll also get a Hatsune Miku demo today and videos for Kingdom Hearts 3D and Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D.

20:52: Iwata speaks about Monster Hunter 3G download quests. Three challenge quests will be available later today.

20:48: Iwata did not reveal the game's name, but you can call it "Oni Training" for now.

20:47: The new game was made specifically for working these two areas. The training is very difficult, so they refer to it as Oni Training, or devil training. They've even made Kawashima into devil form.

20:46: The new training in the game will power up your Working Memory and Concentration.

20:45: Next, a new title being developed with Dr. Kawashima of Brain Age fame.

20:43: Oh... it's Etrian Odyssey IV. This was announced earlier today in Famitsu.

20:43: Next, from Atlus...

20:42: Uhh... they showed a teaser trailer for a crossover between Sega, Capcom and Namco Bandai. It will be released by Namco Bandai. No details yet.

20:41: Next, the have some video showing the Game Center CX guy playing Virtual Console games. The full video will be available for download later.

20:41: Iwata announces the Gear Gear support that leaked out of Famitsu earlier in the day.

20:38: Next, The Rolling Western. This is due for release today -- surprise! Price, ¥1,000.

20:36: Next, e-Shop download games. First, Iwata gives some time to Denpa Ningen RPG, which was released last week.

20:35: Next, Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D, due for release in 2012. The game will have monsters from Joker, Joker 2 and Professional, as well as new stories.

20:33: Following the trailer, Iwata mentions the Picnic system and other elements that have been announced (yes, it was neat hearing Iwata say "Picnic System.")

20:33: Next, Rune Factory 4, due in July 2012. They're going to show the first ever trailer now.

20:31: Next, Iwata moves on to 3rd party titles, first with Kingdom Hearts 3D. The e-Shop will have a 9 minute promotion video after the broadcast.

20:28: Next, Cultobit, a soccer sim that was first shown last year. The previous entry in the series was released six years back. This new installment has network support.

Release is set for July.

20:27: Next, Culdcept for 3DS. This will support local and internet play. There will also be support and help features for new players.

Release set for June 28, priced ¥4,800.

20:26: This is actually a remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. Iwata says it will have new modes, including some sort of two player support.

A release is set for June 28, priced ¥6,800.

20:25: The full name is "Zero Shinku no Cho"

20:25: Next, Wii's long awaited Zero/Fatal Frame game. I didn't catch the full name, but they showed a logo for it. Now they're showing a trailer.

20:23: First, Mario Tennis Open, set for May 24 release. It will offer button controls, and lower screen touch controls for shots like lobs, etc. You can also use gyro controls. The game will also support local play and download play -- four players can play off a single cart. The game will also have internet play.

Camelot is listed in the credits, so I presume they're the developer.

20:23: Next up, titles from May and beyond.

20:22: This is due for release on March 17, priced ¥5,800. Iwata reminds us that it can be played on 3DS too through backwards compatibility.

20:22: The next game is Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition.

20:21: Nintendo will also release an original Fire Emblem pre-paid card.

20:21: The first DLC set will be free through May 31.

20:20: They will offer new maps + episodes as a set. Iwata assures that the game on its own has the full story, though.

20:20: Iwata confirms that the game will have paid add-on content.

20:19: As previously announced Awakening is due on April 19, priced ¥4,800. The pre-rendered stuff in the trailer was from the intro.

20:17: Next game to be introduced is Fire Emblem Awakening -- a new trailer showing cinematics and gameplay.

20:16: The broadcast turns back to Iwata who gives some praise to Uprising. There will be an Iwata Asks for the game later today. Additionally, Nintendo has opened an official Twitter for the game: @3DS_Palutena

20:15: The stand!

20:13: Now Sakurai is explaining the customization system -- equipping your characters and so forth. You can combine items, and trade "seeds" for making combinations with other players via Street Pass. The game will also have daily Spot Pass downloads.

20:10: You can apparently set the "seriousness level" on a sliding scale before the stage. This makes the game harder or easier. If you play harder, you get better rewards. If you die, the seriousness level drops automatically.

20:10: Following some details about multiplayer and the weapon system, Sakurai provides a brief introduction to the game's single player mode.

20:09: Sakurai notes that the game has internet play. He says he's tried playing online with players outside of Japan and the play was very smooth.

20:07: Sakurai explains how you can collect three parts to form a weapon called Genesis. This can be fired a single powerful blast.

20:05: According to the Google, here's where the the readers of this story are in the world:


(The Smash Bros. demonstration is still going on... too bad the commentary isn't actually in the game.)

20:03: Here's Iwata in the sound studio for the recording:

20:03: They're showing off the battle mode. The narration was just added for the video I believe.

20:02: Man... his hair got bigger.

20:02: First game, Kid Icarus Uprising. Masahiro Sakurai will introduce the game himself.

20:01: Ahh... just the end of Wii Ma. This was announced yesterday.

20:01: First, some bad news.

20:00: They're recording from the sound studio in the basement of Nintendo's main office.

20:00: Iwata has taken the stage... err, the studio.

19:58: It's about to begin!

18:17: We'll begin live updates at 20:00. This is one of those old style low-tech live blogs that require you to refresh the page for updates, so do so periodically starting at 20:00.

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