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Nintendo Unveils 3DS Brain Age Followup

Dr. Kawashima turns into the devil for tough memory and concentration exercises.


After sparking the DS fire nearly seven years ago through the Brain Age series, Nintendo is once again teaming up with Dr. Ryuta Kawashima.

This time, they're working on a new type of brain training software for the 3DS. During today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata revealed that the new title trains your "Concentration" and "Working Memory" with exercises so difficult that they refer to the game as "Oni Training," or "Devil Training."

Kawashima will appear in the new game, but in devil form.

Normal Kawashima to the left, new Kawashima to the right.

Nintendo did not reveal the name of the new game but promised a release by this Summer. We'll get further details at a later date.

Kawashima previously mentioned that a new Brain Age game was in development. See this story for Kawashima's comments, which appeared in his book "Farewell Brain Games."

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