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Capcom Went Through Hurdles to Release Rival School on PSN


Classic Capcom PlayStation fighting game Rival Schools: United By Fate was released yesterday as a download on PSN's Game Archive service. It's priced the usual ¥600, but Capcom had to put in a bit of extra effort for this particular retro re-release.

According to Cacpom's retro games Twitter feed, in order to release the game in download form, Capcom had to get authorization from the various rights holders whose properties are used in the game. This required contacting a number of companies and applying to JASRAC for the rights to use music. In some cases, the original rights holders did not exist, so Capcom had to find out who had taken over the rights.

Why got through all the trouble for a single Game Archives release? Apparently, Rival Schools was one of the most requested Game Archives release in fan surveys conducted by Capcom.

The Game Archives version of Rival Schools includes both discs from the PlayStation version. The first disc is a straight port of the arcade version. The second disc is the "Evolution Disc," with new elements like mini games and a simulation component.

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