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Resident Evil Manga Kicks Off in Shounen Champion


This week's issue of Weekly Shounen Champion is a must buy for both Resident Evil and AKB48 fans. In addition to a "BIG" poster of AKB48 member Haruka Nakagawa (the girl in the lower right of the cover), this week's issue kicks off a new Resident Evil manga.

Titled Resident Evil Maruhawa Desire, the manga is set in Maruhawa Academy, the largest school in Asia. The school is located on an island. After a student mysterious turns into a zombie, BSAA advisor Professor Dagu (or possibly Doug) and his assistant Ricky come to the school to investigate, and get caught up in a larger happening.

The story of Resident Evil Maruhawa Design is canon, according to Capcom. Chris and other BSAA members also make an appearance in the manga.

For the 55 page debut chapter, pick up the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Champion.

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