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Final Fantasy XIII-2: Sazh Download Content Screens and Details


Square Enix shared the latest screens and details today for Final Fantasy XIII-2's Sazh download content episode, which hits on February 26.

As previously reported, Sazh's episode is set in Xanadu, the game's resort complex. Sazh, seeking out his lost son Dazh, has come to Xanadu. There, he will challenge two newly added table games.

Last week, we showed one of the games, Chrono Bind. This week, Square Enix showed off the second game, Xanadu Poker. This poker game starts each player off with two cards. You have access to commands for call, check, bet, raise, fold and all in one (where you bet all your coins).

Sazh will also get into an event with traveling sales person Chocolina. She'll ask him to find some missing Chocobos. Solve this quest, and you'll learn of the connection between the two characters.

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